Effective 1/01/2020


90 minute session: $130

60 minute session: $90

30 minute session: $55



Retirees/Age 65+

90 minute session: $115

60 minute session: $80

30 minute session: $45


Payment options available:

• Cash/checks

• Credit: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover 

• Multiple session discounts available for sixty and ninety minute massages

• Gift Certificates available

Deep Tissue Massage

A  full body treatment using gliding, lifting, and kneading techniques to enhance circulation, promote relaxation, increase flexibility, and decrease pain.

Services & Payment

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Friction, direct pressure, compression, stretching, and movement techniques (including passive and PNF stretching) are used to effect muscles the athlete stresses most during a training workout. Regular sports massage maintains muscle health, speeds recovery time, prevents muscle and tendon injuries, increases ROM, helps alleviate chronic injuries, and adds consistency to training.

Eastern Modalities

During AIS stretching the client actively moves the muscle to its current ROM and is gently assisted in streching the muscle 1-2 degrees beyond that ROM several times. This method of stretching gradually increases flexibility and blood flow to the muscle and surrounding tissue.

Sports Massage

Gentle holding and traction of the cranial bones and sacrum incorporated with light release techniques affecting the deep membrane system of the body. Cranio-sacral therapy is often used to treat headaches, TMJ dysfuction and back pain/restrictions. No disrobing is necessary and no oils are used.

Active Isolated Stretching

A full body or regional treatment using friction, kneading, forearm and direct pressure techniques to effect the tendons, ligaments and muscle structures of the body.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Reflexology and Shiatsu methods of massage focus on treating the body and spirit as one. Shiatsu follows the principle that health depends on balance in the body (clear energy pathways for an uninterupted flow of chi). Reflexology treats reflex points on the feet and or hands to affect corresponding organs of the body. Both methods of treatment have been used for thousands of years in Eastern cultures.

During a massage therapy session the therapist incorporates different modalities to address each client's specific needs. 

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